Our creative team

Hi render is a creative rendering studio founded in 2017 specialising in high-end architectural visualisation. Our team consists of architects, interior designers and 3D artists.

Our focus is on constantly exploring the nature of contemporary architecture and translating it into iconic visualisations, always pushing the most advanced design tools to the limit.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of architecture, landscape and photography, and its close collaboration with the design team, the studio provides powerful architectural images for all types of project.


Sandrine Karlen

I love creating interior spaces that are comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. I play with light, colour and texture to bring my unique designs to life. Transforming spaces into welcoming places is my passion.


Wassim Honeiny

I love designing spaces that enhance people's lives, exploring form and function, working with natural and modern materials to create unique and sustainable designs. The satisfaction of seeing my ideas come to life is incomparable.

3d artist

Antone Fala

I work in an exciting field that allows me to bring ideas to life, create digital models and visualise projects before they are even built. 

Interior designer

Viktoria SS

What I love is being able to express my creativity through designing unique projects for clients. I use my imagination to design interior spaces, furniture, lighting, materials and colours that reflect our customers' needs.