Photorealistic 3D rendering for Architects and Developers


3D architectural images are captivating, offering an immersive experience that sets a brand apart, enhances its image and strengthens its presence in the minds of consumers.


Our 3d studio takes care of the small details that can greatly influence perception, transforming something good into something exceptional. It's in these nuances that the quality that distinguishes our efforts often lies.


We believe that every 3D architecture project should be unique and reflect the personality and vision of the client. Our team combines technical skills with imagination to create images that tell a story.

The studio

We produce 3D computer-generated images for visual communication.

Specialising in the creation of digital and graphic content, we offer our services to players in the real estate sector, both in Switzerland and internationally.

They trust us

360° virtual tour

See the action from the inside!

Thanks to our 360° virtual tour technology, your customers can walk through a space virtually for an immersive experience. Think of your prospects' impressions as they have the freedom to navigate through the space, examine each room from different angles and capture the specific ambience of your interior design project in 3D.

3D Animated Film

Our 3D animation films and videos specialising in architecture transform your concepts into captivating visual realities. Immerse your clients in a realistic, detailed setting where every element of your design is highlighted.

This distinctive method allows you to share your vision effectively, provoke powerful emotions and convince your clients of the exceptional merit of your 3D interior design project.

3D Architecture Images

Top-of-the-range 3D visualisations communicate a polished image of your work, enhancing your brand awareness.

Pre-construction materiality test

By integrating realistic material simulations into the design process, decision-makers can make informed decisions, helping to manage costs and time effectively.

Architect 3D images allow detailed exploration of the external appearance of buildings, providing a complete vision of the finished project.

3D interior design

Our team is made up of interior designers, which means we can offer you tailor-made interior design for the most ambitious projects.

Interior decoration for :

  • The flats
  •  Luxury villas
  • The offices
  • The shops

3D perspective for architecture

If your aim is to create an eye-catching presentation, our high-quality 3D visualisations are designed to help you present your project with clarity and precision.


Our achievements

Our services

3D interior design

Our team is made up of interior designers, so we can offer you tailor-made interior design for the most ambitious projects.

3D visualisation of exteriors

The 3D outdoor perspective in real estate opens up unprecedented horizons for imagining and transforming an outdoor space. It lets you visualise a landscape or structure from different perspectives, adjusting landscape elements, structures and lighting to validate, perfect and highlight your concept.

3D visualisations of interiors

3D interior perspective in real estate offers exceptional flexibility for visualising and modifying a building environment. It allows you to validate the materiality of the cut-outs and thus present your design.

Our team of 3d interior architects will help you get the result you want.

3D Animated Film

An unrivalled immersive experience!

Our 3D animated films and videos for architecture bring your design to life in a captivating way. Immerse your customers in a realistic and immersive environment, where every detail is carefully represented.

360° Virtual Tour

With our 360° tour technology, you can virtually explore a space with total immersion. Imagine your prospects' reactions when they can move freely around the space, discover each room from every angle and feel the unique atmosphere of your 3D interior design project. 

3D Product or Catalogue Modelling

3D product or catalogue modelling offers a realistic, detailed representation of your items, enabling full understanding of their design and functionality. This innovative approach enhances your products, making it easier to promote them and offering your customers a unique and memorable visual experience.

Virtual tour VR Headset

VR virtual tours for architecture and virtual showrooms plunge you into the heart of your projects, offering an unprecedented immersive experience. These interactive 3D journeys allow your customers to move around and explore each space as if they were there, combining architectural precision with sensory realism. A powerful tool for presenting, convincing and seducing, transcending the limits of the physical world.

3D map

Our 3D architects create realistic plans that allow your customers to project themselves into the space. Thanks to these 3D plans, they can explore every nook and cranny, visualise the different possible configurations and make decisions. The 3d plan brings your vision to life and guarantees your customers' satisfaction.

Our services

7 questions we are often asked

The price of project presentations and animations will vary according to :

- Size, location and complexity
- Selected marketing channels and outputs
- The number of images and animations required
- Urgency and deadlines, as well as quality and deadlines for returns.

For a proposal, please contact us for a personal consultation on your project at hello@hi-render.com.

In this way, we can guarantee the best value for money.

On average, a project comprising 8 to 12 visualisations takes around 2 to 6 weeks, including information gathering, production and revisions.

The most significant factor affecting lead times is the availability of information.

For a quick and easy workflow, it's often best to make sure you have all the information you need before you start the 3D rendering production process.

We have had the privilege of completing hundreds of projects for our clients. On average, depending on the project and the budget, we deliver :

Low density = 5 renderings
Average density = 7-18 renderings and a virtual tour of the three or four main living spaces
High density = 20-40 renderings, with additions throughout the life of the project. A complete tour of a flat and communal areas such as a swimming pool or gym facilities is usually created.

We believe that quality should always prevail over quantity. Emotive photorealistic 3D visualisations not only create a high-end feel for your project, but can also increase click-through rates for your marketing campaigns.

This basic documentation should be sufficient to obtain a precise proposal:

- Architectural plans. - 3D model (where available) - Reference images of materials and style. - An estimate of the number of renderings.

Contact us if you're not sure you have all the files you need. We will be happy to review the documentation and determine what is missing.

Each project is completed in four stages:

1. Complete the brief - we gather all the information about the project. This also includes a Project Briefing where we establish the visual direction for the images. We also discuss lighting and styling to match the project location and target audience.

2. Previews - we will provide several view options for each image as well as our own recommendations. You'll have the opportunity to choose an angle that best represents your project.

3. Revisions - after the first preview, you will have 2 rounds of revisions to refine your designs.

4. Final image - after confirmation of phase 3, all images will be rendered in high resolution and post-production adjustments will be made.

All final images will be delivered in .jpeg format for web and print use.

Good question! For a start, the annual cost of a full-time senior 3D artist is now in excess of $100,000 plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Apart from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy all the time, so you're stuck paying for time you can't use.

With a team of trusted renderers, you can hire by project as often as you need to ensure that you only pay when you have projects available for them.