3d studio for architecture

Hi-render is a 3d studio for architecture based in Switzerland, in Europe, specialising in the creation of breathtaking visualisations for architecture and real estate.

From flats to property developments, our talented team works closely with architects, designers and developers in 9 countries to add value to residential projects by adding extra details that convey the emotions associated with design aesthetics.

Appartement design salon moderne

3D real estate images

We believe that quality should always prevail over quantity. Photorealistic and emotive 3D visualisations not only create a high-end feel for your project, but can also increase click-through rates for your marketing campaigns.

Pre-construction materiality test

By integrating realistic material simulations into the design process, decision-makers can make informed decisions, helping to manage costs and time effectively.

Architect 3D images allow detailed exploration of the external appearance of buildings, providing a complete vision of the finished project.

3D interior design

Our team is made up of interior designers, which means we can offer you tailor-made interior design for the most ambitious projects.

Interior decoration for :

  • The flats
  •  Luxury villas
  • The offices
  • The shops

3D perspective for architecture

If your aim is to create an eye-catching presentation, our high-quality 3D visualisations are designed to help you present your project with clarity and precision.

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